Media Releases

Govt needs to walk the talk with regard to climate change mitigation (8 June 2016) - “Central and local government agencies seem to have not noticed that the Government has signed up to the Paris agreement and that we should all be working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”, says Brian Cox, Bioenergy Association Executive Officer, “Members of our Association are coming up against many cases where government agency short term economic outcomes are dominating decisions that will have long term consequences to the taxpayers of New Zealand”. Read full statement.

Renewable and energy efficiency associations say "Yes we can!" (May 2016) - The renewable and energy efficiency associations say that New Zealand can achieve the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets agreed in Paris by domestic mitigation rather than the purchase of international units, and they are out to demonstrate how that can be done.  Read full statement.

Bioenergy Association welcomes Z energy as gold member (April 2016) -  Brian Cox, executive officer of Bioenergy Association, said Z was currently putting the finishing touches on the most significant biofuel production facility ever seen in New Zealand and he welcomed Z’s strong support for the Association.  “Z’s $26 million biodiesel plant at Wiri will start producing up to 20 million litres of B100 biodiesel from June of this year. Initially starting to supply the Auckland / Waikato / Bay of Plenty regions, this plant will start to give diesel motorists the choice to use a more sustainable transport fuel.” Read full statement.

Bioenergy Association named finalist at EECA Awards 2016 (April 2016) -  The Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ) today welcomed the announcement by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority of the association’s executive officer, Brian Cox, as a finalist for an Energy Leadership Award. Read full statement.

Government to widen renewable energy targets ( March 2016) - The Bioenergy Association today welcomed the announcement by Minister Bridges that he will be widening the Government's energy targets from just electricity to include heat and transport energy which together provide 75% of our consumer energy demand. Read full statement.

New Zealand should be following US lead to reduce carbon dioxide targets (August 2015) - President Obama has unveiled the final version of America’s Clean Power Plan. The plan reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, while creating tens of thousands of jobs. Read full article.

Bioenergy Cluster to assist address Canterbury air emissions (August 2015) - The Bioenergy Association has welcomed the establishment of a Canterbury Bioenergy Cluster to help create green jobs and foster economic growth as well as address Christchurch’s air emissions problems. Read full article.

Bioenergy Association of New Zealand welcomes Greenpeace's report into New Zealand's ability to move to a new clean economy (February 2013) - In particular BANZ notes the report's emphasis on bioenergy as a means to achieving a New Zealand clean energy future. Read full article.

Pure Advantage's report into New Zealand's position in the green race (June 2012) - the report specifically makes mention that the potential for bioenergy in New Zealand is huge. Read full article.