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At Azwood we consistently provide our satisfied customers with high quality wood pellets which surpass the AS/NZ Standard. We are committed to helping our consumers reduce emissions with efficient, consistent heat from our wood pellets. Firetime pellets are known to burn longer and hotter, producing a superior pellet, second to none which helps keeping your home warm & healthy and leaving the environment clear & clean.

Azwood is a business interested in being innovative and keeping NZ a clean country, producing environmentally friendly, renewable products which will ultimately help reduce the usage of unnatural and mined products.

Azwood has access to an excellent & abundant supply of natural renewable wood products - situated in the Nelson, Middle of New Zealand, we work with the top freight companies, to distribute our products around NZ.

We deliver our products to our clients on time, in full. We are confident in our product & service

We have a vision of providing paramount service marked by simple honesty, hard work & great attitude.

We understand the importance of customer service and assure you it is at the top of our priority list.

Mission, Values & Vision

  • Our mission – to demonstrate the meaning of giving. To Give.
  • Our values – service that customers celebrate, and are enthusiastic to refer to anyone.
  • Our vision – expanding our customers, providing quality in-demand products which will expand our revenues 300% in 3 years.

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  • Golden Bay High School - Success Fuel is helping Golden Bay High School celebrate their commitment to clean energy and a sustainable future - watch video clip 
  • Nayland College fueling a sustainable future - Nayland College uses carbon neutral, renewable wood energy to heat their classrooms and pool - watch video clip
  • Azwood Energy are well positioned to help New Zealand businesses transition to a low-carbon future with the supply of fully specified and accredited wood energy fuels, throughout New Zealand - watch video clip
  • Azwood Energy has created a 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable Eco Pellet box to give consumers a plastic-free alternative - watch video clip

Contact: Gemma Brewerton/Brook Brewerton
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By phone: 0800 299 663

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