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As we face modern environmental threats such as climate change and declining natural resources, it is not just possible, but imperative, to achieve sustainability within a development context.

At Calibre we work with government bodies and private clients.  Whether you are a developer, or an agricultural, industrial or energy asset owner, we can work with you to improve environmental performance, and reduce both operating risks and costs.  We enable our clients to leverage their sustainability as a market differentiator and open up new opportunities for profitable investment.

Residues to Revenues (R2R) benefits your organisation, customers and bottom-line

Our team offers specialist services to help implement R2R systems design to improve the operation performance and efficiency of your existing wastewater treatment plant assets.  We specialise in digester upgrades with recuperative thickening (RT-digester) – the best available solution in terms of cost-effectiveness, reliability and performance, use of available space, and doubling of treatment capacity.  RT technology is simple to operate, has low power consumption and is compact.  Upgrade costs are less than a third of construction costs for equivalent new digesters.

We also specialise in digester capacity upgrade for co-digestion of trade waste – efficient in municipal biosolids digesters and provides additional revenue streams.  Our detailed bioprocess knowledge and in co-digestion of trade waste with high concentrations of fat, oil and grease (FOG) provides our clients with tripled trade waste co-digestion capacity, biogas output and gate fee income.  This upgrade typically pays for itself in less than four years through net revenue from power sales and trade waste tipping fees.  In addition, electricity costs and carbon emissions are significantly reduced.

Our wastewater value recovery team in New Zealand and Australia includes six senior engineers led by Jürgen Thiele.  Internationally we are best known for our trademarked Cigar®, a high-yield biogas reactor which has a 100% success record and provides return on initial investment within 18-24 months.

About Calibre

With offices across the Asia Pacific region, Calibre is a trusted partner within the resources, urban development, technologies, defence, transport and infrastructure markets, bringing together diversified engineering, advisory, project delivery, construction and asset management services.

Turning knowledge into value, we deliver positive economic and social outcomes for our clients and the communities in which we work and live.

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