Evidence for delivering liquid biofuels to New Zealand

12 November 2019
Copthorne Hotel, Oritental Bay, Wellington

If you are involved with liquid biofuels or interested in replacing fossil fuels for transport and process heat come share the latest evidence ‘face to face’ with others in the sector and provide the details to Government.

The Interim Climate Change Committee (ICCC) has been looking at ways to incorporate stakeholder evidence and information to support development of New Zealand’s first three emissions budgets out to 2035.  The ICCC has called for evidence on options available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the period 2022 to 2035.  Other government agencies are also considering the opportunities from using biomass and waste to produce liquid biofuels to reduce transport and process heat greenhouse gas emissions.

Bioenergy Association has identified that with transformational policies that 2.5 Mt CO2-e pa of greenhouse gas emission reductions could be achieved by 2035, and 5 Mt CO2-e pa by 2050, from use of liquid biofuels in transport. In addition liquid biofuels could replace some fossil fuels currently used for producing process heat.

This workshop is to share evidence from current and proposed liquid biofuels projects, identify those aspects which make projects successful, and identify barriers where new policies or assistance would assist get more projects committed.  The workshop will provide an update on technologies already available in New Zealand and those that could occur if the right support was provided.

As an outcome of the workshop Bioenergy Association will be making submissions to Government, and in particular the ICCC, on what is achievable by 2035 and what would most assist commit potential projects.  (The evidence will also assist you to also make your own submissions).

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