Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) conference

6-9 April 2020
Gold Coast, Australia

The 1st AP SDEWES Conference will be held in Gold Coast, Australia in April 2020 and will be dedicated to the improvement and dissemination of knowledge on methods, policies and technologies for increasing the sustainability of development by de-coupling growth from natural resources and replacing them with knowledge based economy, taking into account its economic, environmental and social pillars.

One of the main issues of the coming decades is to improve efficiencies by integrating various life supporting systems, integrating electricity, heating, cooling, transport, water, buildings, waste, wastewater, industry, forestry and agriculture systems. Sustainability being also a perfect field for interdisciplinary and multi-cultural evaluation of complex system, the SDEWES Conference has become a significant venue for researchers in those areas to meet, and originate, discuss, share, and disseminate new ideas.

Special session of invited papers

You are invited to participation in the special technical sessions at the Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) conference.  Click on following links to view information and details.