Web210802: Reducing emissions with renewable gas

2 August 2021
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The “Biogas and Biomethane in New Zealand” report (prepared by Beca, Firstgas and Fonterra and supported by EECA and LionNZ) was recently released. The 140 page report covers a wealth of information about the potential for biogases.

In this webinar, Eleanor Grant (Beca), Ben Gerritsen (Firstgas) and Tony Oosten (Fonterra) will present a deep-dive, sister session to the 22nd July Bioenergy Association webinar “Unlocking New Zealand’s renewable gas potential” which will focuses on how renewable gas can help reduce company and national emissions.

Coverage includes:

  • The emissions reductions associated with biogas and biomethane generation;
  • Designing and operating plant and the economics of different processing options; and
  • How a decarbonised grid can help businesses reduce emissions.

Registration details

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