Webinar: Findings of the NZ Wood Fibre Futures Stage One report plus the Forestry and Wood Products Industry Transformation Plan (ITP)

2pm, 29 September 2020
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About the webinar

Jason Wilson and Sylvia Frean from Te Uru Rākau (Ministry for Primary Industries) will discuss the New Zealand Wood Fibre Futures Stage One report and next steps for Stage Two of this initiative.

Jason will then outline the Forest and Wood Products Industry Transformation Plan (ITP): it’s direction, design and development.

The Wood Fibre Futures Stage One report finds that there are many technologies that can transform woody biomass into products to support New Zealand’s transition to a low-carbon economy and increase the value of its wood processing sector. ‘High-priority’ areas that New Zealand should focus on are:

  • biocrude oil – a versatile base for a multitude of products;
  • liquid biofuels – e.g. biodiesel, bio-aviation fuels;
  • coal substitutes – torrified wood; and through increased use of wood in the built environment.

These products provide multiple options favoured by investors, have the most potential for export, and are being actively developed globally by high-tech companies.

The Government must make international investment more attractive via ‘flexible’ carbon-reduction regulations, public procurement policies and through co-investment.

The next stage of work will come under the umbrella of the Forest and Wood Products ITP and is part of the Government’s Fit for a Better World initiative.

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About the presenters

Jason Wilson is the Director of Sector Investment at Te Uru Rākau.

He is leading the work on strengthening the forestry and wood processing supply chain and the Forestry and Wood Products Industry Transformation Plan.

With over 20 years of experience across the wood processing sector in Australia and NZ, he brings an industry perspective to the challenges ahead for the sector.

Sylvia Frean is a Senior Policy Analyst in the Forest Policy Team and is the Governance Coordinator for the Forestry Ministerial Advisory Group (FMAG).