Replacing fossil fuel heating with small scale biomass systems (presenter Marcus Baker, Apricus Eco Hot Water & Heating)

Tues, 24 May 2022
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This webinar will explore the options and cost of wood pellet boilers to replace fossil fuels. The practical, case study focussed session will provide clear information on what is possible with modern technology and what are the costs to install and operate. The workshop will cover modular system options, installation space required, flexibility in component placement options, indoor and outdoor systems, pre-packaged and turnkey systems, installation financing available in NZ.

Transitioning from fossil fuels is often not complicated and can produce significant cost savings. Reliable supply & stable cost of NZ made wood pellets compared to fossil fuels is making the switch even more appealing.

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About the presenter

Marcus Baker is lead designer and managing director at Apricus Eco Hot Water & Heating.

Marcus has been delivering advice and practical solutions for energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable practices in the UK and New Zealand since 2004.

At Apricus, Marcus focusses on designing and implementing practical solutions to deliver heating and hot water without worsening the climate crisis.

As lead designer, Marcus has expertise in wood pellet, solar thermal and heat pump technologies, choosing the best technical, environmental and financially viable solution or combination of technologies for each situation.