Webinar: Short rotation forestry for bioenergy (presenter Alan Jones, Scion)

Tues, 14 June 2022
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Short rotation forestry can provide a multitude of benefits to the environment and the economy as well as produce biomass suitable for being a solid biofuel.

The increasing demand for biomass to produce bioenergy is providing incentives for farmers and forestry companies to look at integrated land use for agriculture and farm forestry to produce revenue to improve farm business resilience.

Short rotation forestry enables bioenergy generation in rapid timescales in line with government targets for ‘Net Zero’ emissions, while also allowing more marginal land types to be used productively to create revenue.

In this webinar, Alan will present the results of a recent scoping study from Scion on short rotation forestry, demonstrating how some of the potential biophysical and economic challenges of short rotation forestry can be tackled, to make this energy system viable for deployment at scale in New Zealand.

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About the presenter

Dr Alan Jones has 17 years’ experience in research on climate change and carbon dynamics impacts to a range of forested systems around the world. Since joining Scion from the UK three years ago, his work has focused on addressing climate change related forest challenges in New Zealand through economic and biophysical research.