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Envirosolve Ltd is a New Zealand owned company specialising in emissions reduction and energy efficiency.  Based on its philosophy of respect for the environment and improving environmental management, Envirosolve seeks to provide practical solutions to the many challenges New Zealand faces today.  Beyond experience in using and developing sophisticated emissions technology, the company’s research into clean tech waste management solutions and high tech recycling leaves it well equipped to consult on and facilitate outcomes for current environmental issues.

Envirosolve also imports a wide range of high-quality Swiss and Scandinavian ultra-low emission burners, electrostatic filters for domestic use, and industrial filters for use with biomass boilers.  One of the company’s most exciting recent developments in clean air technology has been the introduction of the OekoTube, a domestic electrostatic filter that when fitted to any new or existing NES 2004 wood fire transforms it to an ultra-low emission burner, thereby extending the fire’s lifespan for another 15 years.  The company received a CASANZ award for the OekoTube in 2020.  This followed an earlier CASANZ award in 2015 for the Bionic Fire.

At Envirosolve we believe in doing the right thing for the environment and look forward to supporting positive outcomes for New Zealand as the country moves toward its Zero Carbon 2050 target.  

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  • Invitation to a 3D Virtual Forum (29 Nov 2021) - Switzerland Global Enterprise in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland and Envirosolve Ltd invite you to a 3D virtual forum with a panel of Swiss clean technology experts.

Website: https://www.envirosolve.co.nz/
Contact: Dr Rene Haeberli
By email: rene.haeberli@xtra.co.nz
By phone: +64 (0)21 24 24 211

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emission and energy efficiency technology