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Leawood Energy is a division of the Leawood Group. We specialises in supplying industrial scale combined heat and power (CHP) co-generators, which produce energy ranges from 35kW – 600 kW (electrical) and 79 kW – 1.2 MW (thermal).

Our systems are modular, which means we can provide a system that fits your energy consumption to create better operating efficiency and return on your capital investment. Other benefits of modular systems like ours include:

Gradual transition of current energy generation into carbon neutral technology.

Staggered maintenance programme for generators, which means it can produce energy all year round.

Our wood gasifier technology is developed and manufactured by a leading manufacturer of biomass CHP in Germany, called Spanner Re2. It has more than 900 systems operating globally. It is used in numerous industries including, forestry, mining, agriculture, hotels/ lodges, manufacturing, and electricity providers.

Our close partnership with the German OEM means we can provide key technical support to ensure the system works for you reliably.

Core skills and project activities

  • Energy supply (co-generation)
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Technical and maintenance support

Leading edge

  • Modular system.  Can combine smaller generators to produce energy that fit your requirements

Website: https://leawoodgroup.com/
Contact: Kevin Wu
By email: Kevin.Wu@leawoodgroup.com
By phone: +64 21505320

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