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Niagara Sawmilling stands as a world-class leader in the timber industry with over 80 years of dedication to excellent products and a zeal for considerations of the future.  Each Radiata Pine tree processed by Niagara is utilized in entirety – this no waste mantra is at the center of every Niagara venture. The residues are sold through Niagara Wood Fuels.

Niagara passionately engineered the Wood Fuels range with a strategic direction centered on sustainability and the encouragement of community environmental responsibility. Niagara Wood Fuels are manufactured focusing on the best interests of the environment, without compromising energy quality, and financial efficiency for the consumer.

Niagara Wood Fuels range includes:

  • Pellet Fuel
  • Kindling
  • Boiler Fuel / Wood Chip
  • Fire Briquettes

Please visit our website for a detailed description about each of these products, their makeup and purposes.

As a vertically integrated company Niagara can ensure the quality of every Wood Fuels product; with quality control from tree harvest to delivery.

For more details about Niagara Wood Fuels, and how you can include the innovative Niagara Wood Fuels in the fueling and heating of your home or business please visit the website or contact Simon Knight.

Contact: Simon Knight
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By phone: 03-2303 021 | 027 584 2323

Company activities:
Pellet fuel manufacturers, kindling, boiler fuel/wood chip, and fire briquettes

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Wood fuel supplier