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The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) is the largest and longest-standing organisation dedicated to sustainable business in New Zealand. It is a membership-based social enterprise, made up of over 520 businesses, governmental agencies and organisations located across New Zealand.  SBN was established in 2002 by founder and CEO Rachel Brown with the vision to make New Zealand the model sustainable nation for the world. 

We work with our members, helping them to succeed sustainably and to progress their role towards contributing to our vision.  We encourage members to actively participate; to be bold, leading their sectors with innovative business models; and to reshape profit to include wider definitions than simply financial.

Our project work focuses on four transformation areas - Community, Restorative, Renewables, and Mega efficiency, with much of it related, either directly or indirectly, to the transition to a low carbon economy.  This includes active projects to accelerate uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) and biofuels, and to encourage and support more urban cycling as a transport choice during and outside work life (the ‘Bike 2050’ project).  Our EV project is a collaboration with over 30 of our member organisations, which represent all key stakeholder groups in the sector.  The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of infrastructure which enables rapid growth in EVs over the next five years.  At present we’re developing a roadmap and a programme structure.

We also have projects related to the circular economy, sustainable food systems, and sustainable procurement.  And, finally, Million Metres Stream is our innovative crowdfunding project to protect the health of our waterways and sequester carbon.

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