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Z is a different kind of transport energy company. Different in that New Zealand is the only company we operate in and we’re committed to doing things in different ways. Things like trying to reduce the impact of conventional fuels on the environment, investing in our people, our local communities and delivering value for our customers, shareholders and stakeholders.

We’re committed to doing business in a distinctively Kiwi way – straight up, direct, innovative and with a healthy dose of personality.

Sure, we sell the usual fuels that our customers need – and we deliver it with distinctive service – but we’re not here to keep playing the same old game.  We believe in the science of climate change and we want to be a part of the solution rather than the problem. That’s why we’re completing the country’s largest biofuels production facility at Wiri, Auckland, which from June will start to produce 20 million litres of the highest quality biodiesel per annum.

Website: https://z.co.nz/
Contact: Jonathan Hill
By email: jonathan.hill@z.co.nz

Company activities:
Procurement, manufacture, supply and sale of transport fuels.