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Peter started his consultancy in Jun 2015 after many years in the energy and engineering sectors.  Peter Kernohan Solutions Ltd assists clients with their energy, engineering and contracting needs. The consultancy provides non bias advice and information on all aspects of energy and fuel. Peter draws upon his many years’ experience in the energy and engineering sector to provide advice on the many issues confronting clients.

Peter’s 39 year career in the energy sector started with 23 years in Northern Ireland Electricity, initially in Engineering then on to Energy Marketing and Market Development. 

Peter moved to the renewable energy sector and worked as Business Manager for B9 Energy gasification systems and then, Peter represented Ireland and the UK on GasNet (an academic/ industrial collaborative team looking at gasification and pyrolysis around Europe to commercialise same).

After a spell in the UK Government’s Energy Efficiency Programme, he took up the role of Business Development Manager at Balcas (one of Europe’s major wood pellet producers). At Balcas Peter was part of the team that specified, procured and installed a wood pellet production facility and wood fuelled CHP on a green field site, starting from the type and volume of available biomass (for pellet production and fuel for the CHP) and working back from there to ensure the correct equipment and systems were installed.

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