Occasional Paper 21: Review of regional air quality rules regulating biomass fuelled heat plant

Bioenergy Association Occasional Paper 21, May 2018

Installing a wood fuelled heat plant requires resource consents for the discharges to air from local consent authorities. The policies and rules for consenting in each region are set out in various regional planning documents, often an Air Quality Plan.

Anecdotal information indicates that some regional air quality plans and rules appear to be a significant barrier to the installation of new biomass fuelled heat plant, or because of their often lack of technical basis have an overly precautionary approach.

This project is to collate the air quality rules for wood fuelled heat plant for each regional consent authority and identify where specific problems could affect the consenting of biomass fuelled heat plant. The review does not include the combustion of waste, contaminated wood or herbaceous biomass.

The focus of this review is on each region’s rules specific to emissions to air from combustion

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