Residual biomass fuel projections for New Zealand; 2021

Indicative availability by region and source
report by Peter Hall, Scion, (updated 2022)

Objective - The goal of this report and the accompanying tables is to describe the woody biomass residue resources in New Zealand by volume, type, energy content and region over time from 2021 to 2050 (30 years). The focus is on existing resources derived from established forests, processing, residue streams etc.

The estimated costs of supply in 2022 are included. These are estimated costs and should be regarded as indicative only. They are not and are not meant to be a price.

This report is an update and expansion of the preceding work done in 2017. This analysis includes more resources; with the addition of port bark and shelter belt turnover. The residues from production thinnings, waste thinnings, pruning residues pulp logs and K grade logs from production plantation forests have also been added. The data on resources that were reported on in 2017 are updated based on the latest available data.

The potential for biomass supply from new forest or crop plantings is not addressed here.

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