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Welcome to the Bioenergy Association (BANZ) website - the leading source of information for bioenergy professionals in New Zealand.

Use this website (and supporting free access websites) to find out all you need to know on all aspects of bioenergy in New Zealand today.

BANZ key role is to assist its Members to grow their business. Bioenergy is an established energy activity in New Zealand with significant fuel resources, widely available state of the art technology and equipment, and a well-informed skilled workforce.


"Economic growth and employment built on New Zealand's capability and expertise in growing and processing wood-crops and converting organic by-products to energy,

leading to new business opportunties which by 2040 supply more than 25% of the country's energy needs, including 30% of the country's transport fuels" NZ Bioenergy Strategy, New Zealand has the opportunity to achieve this.

Advocacy, business services, public outreach

BANZ is founded on the principle that policy must nurture innovation to overcome challenges in business growth. The diverse group of BANZ members work collectively to grow the sector and all speak through the association to achieve this. To assist this BANZ provides the following critical services:

  • Advocacy: BANZ represents the sector to central and local government to ensure that there is a sound investment environment for bioenergy investments.
  • Business services: BANZ hosts a number of webinars, workshops and conferences to bring the most up-to-date information and experiences to members. It also prepares and publishes technical guides and other publications to assist members provide a first class service to their clients.
  • Public outreach: BANZ is the voice of bioenergy to the public, the media, and policy makers. We work to assist those of the public interested in bioenergy based initiatives to understand how the use of appropriately trained and experienced people and equipment will allow them to successfully manage risks so as to have successful projects.

Interest Groups

BANZ undertakes its operational activities through its Interest Groups. These are the power houses of the Association.

Interest Groups
Details of current activities can be viewed here.
Biogas Liquid Biofuels & Co-products Wood Pellets Wood Fuels

Finding your way around

The BANZ Association website (this site) covers members services and provides a snapshot on each of the key components that make up bioenergy in New Zealand - biogas, liquid biofuels (and bio-products), wood pellets, wood fuel and biowaste. For each of the 'sub-areas' this website provides some information and links which direct the user to sources of additional information and more extensive resources on the association's following free access websites.

New Zealand generates 5MW annually from biogas. Resources typically include landfill and wastewater treatment plants. Find out more on the dedicated biogas website –
Liquid Biofuel
After an initial focus on the production and use of first generation New Zealand is progressing to the next stage of 2nd generation and advanced fuels while recognising the value that co production of bio products and materials can bring. Find out more on the dedicated biofuels website –
Wood Pellets
High quality wood pellets produced in New Zealand are used in a range of residential and commercial applications. Find out more on the dedicated woodpellets website –
Wood Fuel
New Zealand has a range of wood fuels to offer the market. The emphasis is on quality and availability. Several small commercial and industrial users already benefit from leading wood focused technology and quality fuel. Find out more on the dedicated wood fuel website –
A key issue of this sector is to ensure that what is being referred to as 'waste' is in actual fact a very valuable 'resource'. Read more here.
Bioenergy Projects Directory (
The Bioenergy Projects Directory is a comprehensive source of information on current bioenergy projects in New Zealand. The Directory also provides details on the key players in the bioenergy sector in New Zealand including consultants, researchers, equipment and fuel suppliers. Search the Directory for all you need to know on all types of bioenergy projects in New Zealand.


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The association Annual General Meeting will be held at 6pm on the 25th June 2015 at the Distinction Hotel, Rotorua.

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HeatPlant Forum

The Bioenergy Association "Wood Fuelled Heat Plant Operators Forum" will be held on 26th June 2015 at the Distinction Hotel, Rotorua.

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HeatPlant Forum

The first Bioenergy Association short-course "WE6 Small Scale Wood Fuelled Heat Plant Operation" will be held on 27th June 2015 at Waiariki Institute of Technology, Rotorua.

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