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Windsor Group designs, builds and maintains industrial air, drying and environmental control systems that are essential for a wide range of businesses (NZ and world–wide) to function and succeed.

Known for constantly pushing the level of performance, our customers can confirm that the Windsor Group are the best there is for eliminating risk and making their life easier when it comes to designing, building and servicing ‘mission critical’ equipment.

Specific products and services related to the Bioenergy sector include:

  • Biomass energy plant, design / build capability of all sizes
  • Emission control from a biomass heat plant.  Various emission reduction technologies available including ACS optimized cyclones, dust collectors, wet scrubbers and wet or dry electrostatic precipitators
  • Industrial fans. NZ’s leading industrial fan manufacturer
  • Heat Exchangers.  A wide range of purpose designed heat exchangers, economizers or waste heat recovery technologies are available
  • Drying.  World leaders in the drying of sawn softwood timber and biomass fuels
  • Biogas flares. Leading NZ supplier of landfill and digester biogas flares.  Various designs and capabilities available
  • Biomass fuel handling.  Options available for storage, handling and transfer of biomass fuels
  • Servicing. Nationwide servicing and support for our customers from qualified technicians

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Contact: Graham Jolly
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By phone: +64 6 899 5077

Company activities:
Design build, installation of innovative solutions for industrial air systems, drying and environment control