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Wood pellets are the smart heating fuel alternative for your future. Made from waste-wood they are sustainable and renewable and can be used to generate heat in homes, schools and commercial/industrial businesses.

Nature's Flame opened the largest wood pellet plant in the Southern Hemisphere, right in the heart of the New Zealand timber industry - Taupo.  With the raw fibre just a stone's throw from our front gate, and the international ports of Tauranga and Napier within easy driving distance, we set about making pellets with great gusto to service our customers near and far!

As a manufacturer of premium wood pellet fuel, we invited the most demanding, most robust assessor, DIN Certco, to appraise the quality of not only our fuel, but the process by which it is made, and we are very proud to say we have been awarded the DINplus certification for quality as well as holding Forest Stewardship Council and Biogro Organic certification.

We believe wholeheartedly in helping New Zealanders enjoy affordable, convenient, sustainable heating experiences for their homes, schools and businesses and are excited to be part of providing such a fantastic, 100% Kiwi, solution for New Zealand's heating needs.

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