Decarbonising LPG in NZ

a Gas NZ announcement (18 Jan 2022)

Renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) is a clear option for decarbonising LPG in New Zealand according to research released by the New Zealand LPG Association. The main finding of the report ‘Exploring short term renewable LPG/DME production for NZ’, is that there is a clear option for decarbonising LPG in New Zealand, by way of second generation rDME, utilising waste. “DME is a methanol derivative, which can be used directly as a liquid fuel or blended with LPG as an LPG substitute. Renewable DME has the same use but is made from renewable feedstock such as dairy manure. “The second generation conversion technologies, using waste such as dairy manure, broken down through anaerobic digestion and producing biogas to be further processed into rDME and rLPG, provides a viable pathway for New Zealand.”

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