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International Associations

  • Bioenergy Australia - advances bionergy in Australia.  Its members come from businesses and organisations of any size; local, state and federal government; investors; utility providers; and individuals.
  • Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) - provides funding to researchers, developers and businesses that have demonstrated the feasibility and potential commercialisation of their renewable energy project.  
  • European Biomass Industry Association - is an international non profit association in Brussels, Belgium.  It groups together market forces, technology providers, and knowledge centres, all of them active in the field of biomass.

IEA Bioenergy

IEA Bioenergy is the international bioenergy organisation with most relevance to New Zealand and Australia,

Task Groups IEA Bioenergy activities are undertaken in Task Groups. 

Webinars IEA Bioenergy regularly hosts webinars


Bioenergy Science Funding