Best practice

The Bioenergy Association understands the importance of the public having confidence in the bioenergy sector's skills and experience, and is committed to supporting its members to apply internationally-recognised best practice principles to their operations. In joining the Bioenergy Association Members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and are subject to the Association's complaints process. The Association offers accreditation, registration and continuing professional development programmes and industry training courses.

Wood Fuel Supplier Accreditation

The Wood Fuel Supply Accreditation Scheme enables wood fuel suppliers to assure customers that their ability to consistently deliver high quality wood fuel has been independently assessed. Accreditation is reassessed annually. The Bioenergy Association recommends you only purchase wood fuel from an accredited supplier.

Bioenergy Association-registered wood energy and biogas advisers

Wood energy and biogas advisers who meet specified knowledge and experience criteria are able to become Bioenergy Association-registered. The Bioenergy Association recommends that only Bioenergy Association-registered advisers be employed to undertake feasibility studies or specify plant.

Technical Guides and standards

 The Bioenergy Association Interest Groups oversea the develop of Technical Guides to assist ensure that best practices are followed. The details of the guides is held on the relevant website.

Wood energy -

Energy from waste -

Transport biofuels -

Continuing professional development (CPD)

The Bioenergy Association's annual events and continuing professional development programme provides a number of opportunities for those working in bioenergy to improve their knowledge and practical skills. More details can be found in the annual events and CPD programme.

Bioenergy Association training courses

The Bioenergy Association has partnered with the Waiariki Institute of Technology to provide short courses that will support the CPD programme. Details on the courses available can be found here and the dates for specific courses can be found in the annual events and CPD programme.