Education and upskilling

The Bioenergy Association is committed to assisting members provide products and services to best practice standards.  

The Bioenergy Association runs a programme of activities throughout the year on specific areas of bioenergy. These are excellent opportunities to hear the latest information on the bioenergy market, technologies and research and to network with others in the bioenergy sector.

The association identifies the need for education and has a number of tools for addressing this need through its programme of activities. 

Programme of activities

The Bioenergy Association's programme of activities is put together to ensure members are providing equipment and services to best practice standards. Attendees at these events can ask to receive a certificate as part of the Bioenergy Association's Continuing Professional Development Programme.  These events are also part advocacy to players in the sector, promotion of the role of the association and generally upskilling the whole sector – particularly non-members so getting numbers to attend its events is a high priority.  There are also opportunities for trade displays and sponsorship at these events, contact our administration team to discuss.

The programme includes information on the websites, holding of webinars, conferences and workshops, advocacy, and the delivery of short training courses or presentations to practitioners as follows: 

  • General bioenergy
  • Waste-to-Energy / Biogas 
  • Wood energy
  • Liquid biofuels & co-products

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