Niagara Sustainable Wood Fuels meets criteria for accreditation as a wood fuel supplier

Niagara Sustainable Wood Fuels is the latest wood fuel supplier to become accredited. 

Niagara have demonstrated that they have the quality assurance systems in place to meet the Bioenergy Association criteria for accreditation as a wood pellets supplier.  Their pellets are tested to verify that they meet the international standard for wood pellets ISO 17225-2.  This standard requires that A1 pellets are produced from untreated wood.  Niagara produce pellets from their own sawmill residues.

The Bioenergy Association operates a Wood Fuel Supplier Accreditation Scheme in New Zealand and Australia to ensure suppliers have the ability to supply quality fuel and that they have quality assurance processes and procedures in place for its reliable and consistent production, storage and delivery.  

Bioenergy Association-accredited wood fuel suppliers have demonstrated to an independent party that they reliably supply consistently-graded fuels.

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