Pentarch increases its profile in biofuel testing market in Australia and New Zealand

Pentarch Technical Services purchased the business known as WITS (Wood Industry Technical Services) in October 2020. The business has a 25-year history of testing wood-based and agricultural products for a variety of uses including as biofuels and PTS is looking to increase its profile as a service provider in the biofuel testing market in Australia and New Zealand. To reflect this commitment, PTS has upgraded their Bronze Membership in the Bioenergy Association to Silver Membership.

The PTS laboratory in Kawerau currently tests biofuels for moisture content, (particle) size (classification), ash content, bulk and basic density and calorific value and is set up to receive samples from all over New Zealand. As an independent laboratory, PTS is ideally situated to perform verification testing for both new and existing biofuel producers.

Contact person for PTS is Chris Twigley at +64 21 0895 6110 or by email at

Pentarch also operates wood-based testing laboratories in Burnie (Tasmania) and Eden (NSW) as well as agricultural testing laboratories in Victoria and WA.