Bioflash #101 May 2018

Here are just snapshots of what you will find in this May edition of the newsletter - Click to access Bioflash #101 May 2018.

Welcome Members and Friends

  • The Productivity Commission has produced its draft report on a low emissions economy - It believes that we can achieve zero net GHG emissions by 2050 which is the target we want to see.  The Commission report focuses on high level policies and institutional structures which will be necessary if we are to achieve the goal... 

Some of the articles in this edition are ...

  • Productivity Commission - Low emissions economy draft report
  • New Zealand's first report on climate finance
  • Ministers welcome another climate change breakthrough at International Maritime Organisation
  • NZ Zero Carbon Act
  • Climate Change Position Statement and 2020 Action Plan
  • Azwood celebrates 40 years of supplying fuel to industry
  • Coverage of the webinar on using food processing to reduce GHG and operating costs
  • Biogas production potential from municipal wastewater treatment facilities

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