Bioflash #77 October 2015

Over the last month the Association has held five wood energy events in the South Island and it is noticeable that there is a growing upsurge of interest in wood energy for heating. The extension of wood fuelled heat plant outside the wood processing sector into hospitals, schools and other commercial applications such as horticulture requires the owners and operators to have greater knowledge on appropriate contracts with fuel suppliers and knowledge of new plant outside their core business. 

What's in this issue:

  • "Advances in biofuel market opportunities" - 17 Nov 2015 - the event is for marine, rail and other users of heavy fuel oils to get an update on progress being made towards having biofuels available for the applications.
  • "Science Symposium - Next Generation Liquid Biofuels and Bioproducts" - 18 Nov 2015 - this year's Symposium theme is "pyrolysis and biofuels" and will be hosted by the Advanced Biofuels Research Network.
  • Report on recent training courses
  • Wood energy south
  • Bioenergy Association flying the flag for NZ at Bioenergy Australia's Tasmanian Conference
  • Regional and International Bio News
  • Improved promotion opportunities for members - work with us to promote your business
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