Bioflash #78 November 2015

The last two months have been a very busy period for the Bioenergy Association, and following our very successful month long South Island Wood Energy Events involving five training courses and workshops, we have just had a very successful liquid biofuels conference. This change in momentum is due to an increase in the number of  major companies who are recognising the revenue that can be obtained from biomass and waste.  A number of these companies are our members.

What's in this issue:


  • Webinar "Science funding moves to be output focused" by Kennie Tsui of MBIE scheduled for 2pm on 11 Dec 2015
  • Report back on Travelling workshop "Showcasing medium scale wood fuelled heat plant in Otago" held 28 Oct
  • Report back on Liquid Biofuels Conference "Advances in biofuel market opportunities" held 17 Nov 2015
  • Bioenergy Training Courses - Wood fuel courses for 2016 being developed
  • Workshop "Wood residue to energy opportunities in Auckland" scheduled for February 2016


  • Regional Bio News
  • International Bio News

Member News:

  • Honorary Memberships - AGM establishes a new Honorary Member level of membership
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