Bioflash #79 January 2016

We enter a new year with the opportunities to show that bioenergy can make a difference.  Collectively we need to step up and do that.  The Government has set targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction and we need to show them that we have the capabilities and opportunities to meet that target.  In the words of Obama we need to tell the Government "Yes we can!".

Analysis of the governments’ previous 50% by 2050 target showed that by 2040, and implementation of the Bioenergy Strategy, that we could achieve 40% of the target by bioenergy alone.

The bioenergy sector is gaining momentum with two hospitals in Christchurch soon to be heated by wood fuel. Schools and some swimming pools around the country utilising wood energy, and industry such as Silver Fern Farms in Dargaville converting from coal to wood fuel.

Government doesn’t seem to have a plan on how their announced  targets are to be achieved so we need to show how easy it can be done.

Bioenergy Association is discussing with other renewable energy associations how we collectively can assist Government develop a Plan of Action to Achieve the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets.

A key starting point will be in improving our demonstration of what is already being achieved. Members are encouraged to provide information on projects so that we can talk about them in the Bioflash and on our website. The full attendance at the travelling workshops we held in Christchurch and Dunedin in October 2015 showed the high level of interest in learning from our successes.

What's in this issue:

  • EECA Award 2016 - entries close 5 Feb
  • Honorary membership - Bioenergy  Association confers honorary membership on three of its members
  • Bioenergy Australia Conference 2015 - also note dates for next year's conference
  • Bioenergy training courses - note dates for short courses being run early this year (WE1, WE2 and SE6)
  • First workshop for 2016 being held in Auckland - Auckland Council promotes use of wood residue for heating, 4 Feb 2016
  • Rotorua Conference - Climate Change 2016: "Sustainable economic growth that does not cost the earth"
  • International and National bio news - read about bioenergy news and issues
  • Improved promotion opportunities for Members - work with us to promote your business


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