Bioflash #80 March 2016

2016 has started on a strong note and continues the significant bioenergy momentum that started in 2015.  As a result the sector is starting to get the attention deserved.  The announcement by the Minister of Energy and Resources that he wants to extend the renewable energy targets to include heat and transport fuel and not just electricity is great news. (see lead item). The recognition by Government that there is more to energy than just electricity has taken 15 years of advocacy by Bioenergy Association. While EECA has always pushed for bioenergy there has been little recognition about heat in other areas of government. Coupled with the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets announced in Paris we now have the encouragement from Government that the Association has been seeking.

With heat now firmly on the Government's agenda we need to better demonstrate the wider benefits to NZ Inc with respect to economic growth, employment and achievement of environmental benefits. This requires input from all members. We need to produce the evidence that "Yes we Can!" meet the targets announced in Paris.

This newsletter outlines some of the initiatives that the Association is taking but we need pro-active members as the Association staff can't do this alone. If you have ideas and suggestions or want to be involved in Association activities contact us.

What's in this issue:

  • Possible industrial heat targets a boost for NZ bioenergy (lead article)
  • Submissions on the Emissions Trading Scheme; and, Air Quality Polices
  • Upcoming events in 2016
  • Honorary members
  • International and National bio news
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