Bioflash #93, August 2017

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What's in this issue 

Welcome Members and Friends

  • It's time for action - BANZ has two high profile events before the election - wood energy, and waste-to-energy, so we need to get key stakeholders to these events so that they are informed about the opportunties.

Bioenergy NZ

  • Productivity Commission low carbon economy inquiry
  • National Energy Research Institute (NERI)
  • Waste Management and Minimisation Plant reviews
  • Recognition that solid biofuel standards are critical
  • Wood Energy South wins award

Forthcoming events

  • NZIF Annual Conference, 3-6 Sept, Rotorua
  • Ararat Bioenergy Forum Workshop and Field Trip, 11-12 Sept, Victoria, Australia
  • Bioenergy Association AGM, 13 Sept, Christchurch
  • Heat Plant Operators Forum, 14 Sept, Christchurch
  • IEA Bioenergy webinar - Integrated Bioenergy Hybrids - Flexible Renewable Energy Solutions, 14 Sept
  • Processing food and municpal waste to energy, 19 Sept, Hamilton
  • APPITA 2017 Fibre Value Chain Conference - The rise of business ecosystems, 14-16 Nov, Melbourne, Australia
  • Bioenergy Australia Annual Conference : Bioenergy - the reliable renewable, 20-23 Nov, Sydney, Australia
  • and several more events of interest

Bioenergy Association activities

  • The BANZ Annual General Meeting will be followed by the Wood Energy Strategic Forum and an Informal dinner, 13 Sept, Christchurch
  • Bioenergy Association joins Climate Consensus Coalition Climate Consensus Coalition Aotearoa
  • Zero organic waste to landfill 
  • Association projects

Bioenergy news

  • Advanced liquid biofuel latest news
  • RENA Technology brief: Biogas for road vehicles
  • Caught on the road - as of Oct 2017 newly launched car models will have to pass more stringent exhaust tests in the EU

Improved promotion opportunities for Members

  • various ways in which members can promote their products and services
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