Bioflash #94, September 2017

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What's in this issue

Welcome Members and Friends

  • With a new Govt being formed this provides an opportunity to refresh our strategy for making bioenergy great again.  Energy from biomass has always been important and still provides 14% of our energy, but it can provide an even greater role again as we transition to a low carbon economy.

Bioenergy NZ

  • Combustible biomass fuel resource availability projections
  • Post-election government must put greater focus on forestry
  • Productivity Commission low carbon economy inquiry
  • Processsing food and municipal waste to energy
  • Wood Energy South sells the message

Forthcoming events

  • APPITA 2017 Fibre Value Chain Conference - The rise of business ecosystems, 14-16 Nov, Melbourne, Australia
  • Bioenergy Australia Annual Conference : Bioenergy - the reliable renewable, 20-23 Nov, Sydney, Australia
  • ForestWood 2017 Conference

Bioenergy Association activities

  • The BANZ Annual General Meeting- Board members appointed
  • Bioenergy Association Honorary Members - two new members announced
  • Refreshed Bioenergy Strategy

Bioenergy news

  • New leadership at Bioenergy Australia
  • Unilever to use biomethane at five of its sites across the UK and Ireland
  • Carefour opens its first biomethane station for heavy transport vehicles
  • ENGIE provides bio-LNG to a chemical company
  • Capturing the True Wealth of Australia's Waste
  • A comparison of Sustainable First and Second Generation Bioethanol

Improved promotion opportunities for Members

  • Using the Association websites to promote member's products and services
  • News and advertising of products and services
  • Contact an Expert - see member profiles where NZ and Australian specific information, case studies, contact details etc are set out
  • Promotion of products


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