Bioflash #97 December 2017

Here are just snapshots of what you will find in this November edition of the newsletter - Click to access Bioflash #97 December 2017.

Welcome Members and Friends

  • The bioenergy sector departs 2017 with more progress towards increasing growth in the use of bioenergy based solutions than any other time in the histroy of the Association... 

Some of the news articles in this edition are ...

  • ADI Systems Asia Pacific - BPO Ltd announcement.
  • New 9MW boiler at Millburn sawmill.
  • Victoria waste strategy.
  • Briefings to incoming NZ Ministers relating to the bioenergy sector.
  • Bioenergy Australia.
  • Top Loader fuel reclaim at Family Fresh Farms.
  • Waste to ethanol.
  • Biomass available for fuel in North Coast of NSW.

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