Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference and Study Tour 2019

20 - 26 October 2019
Melbourne, Australia


Green Triangle Biochar Study Tour

Theme:  'Mainstreaming biochar in our regions'

Dates:  Sunday 20 - Tuesday 22 October 2019

Study tour intent

  1. Attract and involve potential commercial scale users of Biochar
  2. Give them practical advice on using Biochar at commercial scale
    • likely responses by animals, crops, compost etc to Biochar
    • how do we use Biochar?
    • what dose has worked for others?
    • what mixes have worked for others?
    • what works best in the soils of this region
    • man in the street guide on Biochar quality
    • Biochar is being commercialised and that is the purpose of the Study Tour. The sessions will be clearly understandable for farmers, graziers, orchardists, vineyard owners – potential biochar users. It will cover what works, what may not work, what absolsolutely won’t work.

3. Create new commercial scale activist users of biochar

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ANZBC19 Conference

Dates:  Thursday 24 - Saturday 26 October 2019

Venue:  Two days at RMIT University Melbourne City Campus and a field day on Saturday to visit their biosolids processing unit at a water corporation in Packenham.

The theme for the third Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference (ANZBC19) is “mainstreaming biochar”.  With the science in on the benefits of adding biochar to soil, animal feed, water filtration, building and road materials from various feedstocks for carbon sequestration value, it’s time to see the commercialisation of biochar in Australia & New Zealand.

Last year they saw that a number of large scale projects were now getting off the ground with thousands of tonnes of biochar being produced at low cost per annum.

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