BANZ Strategic plan and priority areas (by the IG convenors)

19 November 2020
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Speakers: Bioenergy Association Interest Group convenors

Alzbeta Bouskova

Liquid Biofuels and Co-products
Simon Arnold
(Blended Fuel Solutions NZ)

Combustion of solid biofuels
Rob Mallinson
(Living Energy)

The Bioenergy Association’s strategic plan and priority areas

The Convenors of each of the Interest Groups will provide a presentation on:

  1. The state of each topic area
  2. Potential opportunities
  3. Current activities
  4. Priority activities for the coming year

The presentations will be followed by a summary of the association’s strategic approach to achieving growth in each sector and the consequential targeted greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Members are invited to discuss the activities of the association, its priorities and focus for the coming year.

Background papers: