Heat Plant Operator Forum

27 September 2016
Chateau on the Park, 189 Deans Avenue, Riccarton, Christchurch


Event focus  

The Heat Plant Forum is an annual Bioenergy Association event and is held so that plant owners and operators have a place to come together and learn from each other.  

This event is for heat plant owners, operators and maintainers to meet each other and to share experiences – good and bad. By hearing what other owners and operators have done to ensure appropriate fuel and optimise plant it is likely that attendees will learn how of best practice to improve their own plant performance.

The forum will be structured around the challenges of fuel, air emissions, converting coal plant to use wood fuel and plant optimisation. This will be achieved by talking with relevant experts and discussing their own operating problems through facilitated group discussion.

The format of the day will focus on sharing and discussion rather than sitting and listening. This will also encourage networking amongst operators so that on-going peer support can occur after the forum.

The focus of this event will be to:

  • Learn best practice from the experts
  • Learn by sharing experiences
  • Provide the information you may not know you don’t know
  • Provide opportunities for equipment suppliers, plant owners, wood fuel suppliers and operators to share ideas
  • Obtain ideas on problems operators would like addressed 


The operator discussion sessions at the forum will be based around the three questions which are on the reverse of the registration form.  Attendees are encouraged to send their answers to the event organiser so that they can be collated ahead of the event and used to start the discussions.  Attendees should also bring copies of their answers to the Forum to provide contributions to the discussions.