Nonmarket collaboration for market emergence: Pursuing nonmarket strategies in partnership with competitors

November 2016
In Wellington, and after the AGM


Bioenergy Association is facilitating a study being conducted by Joel Allen, a doctoral researcher from the University of Auckland Business School and member of the Association. The study examines how market emergence or new market creation may be driven by competing firms through nonmarket collaborations such as industry or trade associations. In particular, the research investigates in what ways industry or trade associations use nonmarket strategies such as their social, political and legal activities to shape market emergence.
This research project will provide the Bioenergy Association with insights into how the Association can become more effective in assisting members grow their own businesses by working collaboratively on common generic activities. One implication of this could be how the balance between pursuing a member's own business strategies and strategies geared toward growing the market pie for the common good is strengthened.

In undertaking the research, Joel Allen will be contacting a number of the Association’s members on a confidential basis to identify the ways in which collaboration has impacted, and continue to impact, the strategies that influence the emergence of the bioenergy market in New Zealand.
Joel Allen will discuss his preliminary findings with members in a presentation following the Bioenergy Association's AGM. This is a great opportunity for us to get free research on how we can improve.