Replacing fossil fuels in buildings

10am, 27 May 2020
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The opportunities for heat energy for building services using wood pellet boilers is increasingly recognised as a critical component in the toolkit for functional and environmentally sustainable buildings. This well-established technology and fuel has applications for buildings in design and existing stock being refurbished.

The webinar will explore the practical uses of this 100% renewable fuel, manufactured in NZ from waste sawdust and wood shavings. There will be a detailed look at wood pellet fuel, pellet boilers and the requirements for integration in to DHW and heating distribution systems.

This is a focused webinar to gain a greater understanding of this technology and how it can be practically applied in NZ buildings.

Learning outcomes

Delegates will gain an understanding of:

  • Wood pellets as fuel – availability, practicalities of storage & delivery, energy density, delivered prices, carbon intensity
  • Wood pellet boilers – available technologies, practical considerations, functional operation, integration with heating and DHW systems, space required, cap ex, variable requirement for buffering, operational
  • Different implementation systems – plant room installation and containerised wood pellet boiler systems
  • Market, political and legislative drivers for this sustainable technology
  • Comparative performance of wood pellet systems to fossil fuel, heat pump, electric resistance and wood chip systems for energy delivery, running costs, operating temperatures, climate change impacts, practical considerations

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