Opportunities for bioenergy from the new approach to science funding

11 December 2015


The new approach to science funding announced by the Government puts emphasis on the outcomes of the research and doesn’t try and slot the research into specific categories. The previous Energy and Minerals research funds has gone and now and there is just one single fund which all research applications go. The aim of research is now to achieve excellent economic, environmental, and social outcomes.

Kennie Tsui, the senior sector manager Manufacturing and Resources Science Investment at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) will provide information on the new science funding and discuss its implications for the bioenergy sector.

The focus of this webinar will be to:

  • Outline the new science funding
  • Provide a briefing on the National Statement of Science investment 2015-2025 and its opportunities for bioenergy
  • Provide an opportunity to engage with MBIE with regard to how members of the bioenergy sector can get best value from this new funding arrangement