Short course "Safe operation of small scale wood fuelled heat plant" Christchurch

7 October 2015
Papanui School, Christchurch


This one day course is principally for the operators of school, municipal swimming pool and rest-home scale heat plant. The course is aimed at school caretakers and facility maintenance staff who are required to operate a wood fuelled heating system safely and efficiently.

Schools and other operators of heat plant often have health and safety plans which require a demonstration of competence for operators of facility equipment. The Bioenergy Association in association with the Waiariki Institute of Technology has therefore established a scheme for certification of trained wood fuelled heat plant operators that schools and facility owners can utilise.

Safety is a key issue when considering boiler operation.  While boiler accidents do occur, they are largely uncommon. In many cases, heat plant operators have not been adequately trained or are unfamiliar with the technology and or the fuel.  It is especially important that if you change fuel, your operator receives training.  Wood chips and pellets behave quite differently from coal for example.  It is important that new operators are trained and that those who have been doing the job for many years undergo refresher training at least every two years.

  • Programme and information about the course here