WA Bioenergy Symposium - Developing a thriving bioeconomy in Western Australia

Technology Park, Bentley, WA

The WA Bioenergy Symposium seeks to provide an opportunity for the agriculture, industrial, energy, transport, mining and local government sectors to understand their potential opportunities in bioenergy and the broader bioeconomy.

The WA Bioenergy Symposium will explore a number of topics including;

  • WA’s huge potential to develop a bioeconomy
  • Projects delivering lower cost, lower emissions through bioenergy across Australia, specifically in the industrial, agricultural and manufacturing sector
  • Tools to support project development and funding support for bioenergy projects
  • The successful local Biogass Richgro Plant

The event will provide commercial examples of live projects across Australia and WA that could be implemented in WA. It will also showcase some practical web tools and funding opportunities available. Bioenergy not only provides an opportunity for additional revenue and reduced energy costs for regional businesses and communities, it is a fantastic transition strategy for regions seeking to create new industries and jobs.   

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