Webinar: Decarbonising LPG presented by Albert de Geest (Liquigas)

Tues, 22 February 2022
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Renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) is a clear option for decarbonising LPG in New Zealand according to latest research by Worley and the New Zealand LPG Association (LPGA).

Outlining how New Zealand could transition to renewable LPG alternatives, the report found that second generation rDME, utilising waste, was the obvious pathway for the LPG sector to get cleaner, quickest.

Second generation conversion technologies, using waste such as dairy manure, broken down through anaerobic digestion, producing biogas to be further processed into rDME and rLPG, provides a viable pathway for decarbonisation and supports a circular economy, says LPGA Vice President and head of Liquigas, Albert de Geest.

LPG is relied on by many New Zealanders. With natural gas unable to reach the South Island, and parts of the North Island, LPG provides essential energy for heating and cooking for homes and businesses.

The report is part two of a two stage research project and is the first time focussed research has been undertaken on what the pathway to renewable LPG would look like in New Zealand.

About the presenter

Albert de Geest has been a leader in LPG strategy and distribution for over a decade. Combined with senior trans -Tasman experience in the gas and electricity sectors, Albert is well placed to drive substantial energy change as we transition to a zero carbon Aotearoa.