Webinar: Revenue from improved trade waste co-digestion

2pm (NZ time), 10 October 2016
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Digestion with recuperative thickening is effective to reduce digester process inhibition risks and improve fat oil and grease (FOG) loading rate in municipal digesters.  The combined anaerobic digestion (co-digestion) of municipal wastewater treatment plant biosolids and trade waste (food residuals, selected industrial processing waste and grease trap waste) to biogas and dewatered sludge allows the provision of up to 100% of the heat and power requirements at municipal treatment plants. 

Integration of recuperative thickening can double the biosolids treatment capacities in municipal sludge digesters.  Co-digestion of trade waste materials with high FOG content often results in lower waste procurement/transport costs, a higher methane yield, improved biogas quality and improved commercial viability of the co-digestion plant.  Typical payback periods for the added trade waste reception and recuperative thickening plant in this' improved trade waste digestion process can be less than four years.

The Bioenergy Association invites owners and operators of waste water treatment plant or anyone interested getting their trade waste processed instead of disposing to landfill to attend this webinar.  Download webinar flyer here >>

About the presenter

Jürgen Thiele is the Business Unit Leader - Waste Recovery at Calibre Consulting.  

Jürgen  completed his PhD in Microbial Biotechnology in 1982 in Germany.  Since then he has led anaerobic digestion research & process design teams in the United States (Michigan Biotechnology Institute), Germany and New Zealand (University of Otago and CPG New Zealand).

Jurgen now works for Calibre Consulting and in recent years has had a close involvement in the design and implementation of regional Waste to Energy facilities in New Zealand, Australia and Asia including the Camellia biomass project in Paramatta, the commissioning of the new thermophilic digesters at the Christchurch WWTP and the Palmerston North sludge digester plant upgrade to digestion of fatty waste.