Webinar180509: Availability of fuel to meet the demand for the growing wood energy market

9 May 2018
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Why future wood fuel supply can meet demand


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Date and Time: Please note that this webinar has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date and time still to be confirmed

Presented by: Four BANZ Accredited Wood Fuel Suppliers

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As the demand for wood fuel grows the supply market is also growing. The suppliers of wood fuel are increasing their capability to meet customer’s demand for wood fuel by sourcing biomass from a number of woodlots, forest harvest operations and end-of-life shelter belts.

Wood fuel suppliers take the hassle out of sourcing fuel by aggregating the biomass from a variety of sources and processing it into quality fuel to meet customer’s specifications.

All wood fuel is not the same. Whether the fuel is in the form of pellets, chip or hogged fuel the raw biomass can be treated to meet the specification of any design of heat plant.

Wood fuel suppliers now have supply networks so that they can deliver fuel anywhere in New Zealand and in parts of Australia.

The wood fuel suppliers have an industry based accreditation scheme which gives assurance to fuel purchasers that fuel is being produced to specified standards consistently and that there are reliable supply chains.  Based on the best practice guides of the Bioenergy Association, purchasing from an Accredited Wood Fuel Supplier ensures that fuel is available and supplied to similar standards as traditional coal and gas fuel is supplied.

Attendees of this webinar will gain an understanding of:

  • the wood fuel supply market;
  • how Accredited Suppliers are able to meet your quality and volume requirements;
  • future fuel supply
  • the best practice standards which suppliers produce fuel to;
  • the delivery chains for supply;
  • how to work with fuel suppliers to get the best contracts for fuel

Accredited Wood Fuel Supplier presenting at the webinar

The following Accredited Wood Fuel Supplers will outline how they are expanding to meet fuel demand.  They will talk about the standards they work towards to ensure consistent quality fuel is reliably delivered to meet contract requirements.


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