Workshop: What Wood Fuel will Heat Plant Operators buy?

Thursday, 10 March 2022
Distinction Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand

a focus on what makes wood fuel different from forest residues

Event Rescheduled

With Omicron now in New Zealand, the workshop has been deferred to 27 July 2022.  All registrations to date will automatically be carried forward to the new date.

This half-day workshop will focus on what makes wood fuel different from forest residues and how forest growers and contractors can turn residues, which would otherwise be wasted, into revenue.

With the increased demand for wood fuel for new heat plant being installed, or for cofiring in existing coal plant, it is important that contract compliant fuel is processed and delivered. Generally, the residues sourced from forest or processing plant require treatment to make them contract compliant fuel.

The workshop follows the Residues2Revenues conference which will cover the market for wood fuels while this workshop will go into the characterisation of wood fuel that differentiates it from waste. The workshop is for forest owners and harvesters who want to understand what the wood fuel supply market requires and what they can do which will provide biomass suitable as a fuel.


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