Ag Research Invermay at Mosgiel

AgR replaces its coal boiler with a wood fuel boiler.
Description of facility: 

AgR Campus Buildings were previously supplied with hot water and heating from coal-fired boilers providing continuous heat to the buildings. With the construction of new buildings, the projected site load was in excess of the existing boiler capacity. Because of this, two new sectional Taymac wood-fired boilers, pellet fuel feed system and other associated plant was installed to meet the new demand. Future demand has also been considered as additional sections can be added to the new boilers to meet future needs.

Two new Taymac Heatpak (Model HP 4808) sectional underfed boilers with a combined capacity of 1,280 kW have been installed. New circulating variable speed drive (VSD) pumps and associated plant have been upgraded. In addition, the new boilers are integrated with the Building Management System (BMS).. 80 deg C water is supplied to buildings through a ring main system controlled by time clocks.

Because the boilers are sectional, additional load can be added to meet future demand. According to Taymac, the addition of another section to each boiler will boost the output to 1,400 kW without the need to increase the stoker size.

AgResearch Invermay saved $30,000 a year in maintenance costs when it switched to wood boile

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Technology type: 
Conventional Combustion
Wood Pellets
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Puddle Alley, Otago 9092
Lower South Island
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