Awapuni Landfill (Palmerston North)

Awapuni Landfill generating biogas and electricity for use at the Resource Recovery Centre and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project was one of the first in New Zealand to attract interest internationally from those looking to buy carbon credits.
Description of facility: 

Methane gas captured from the retired landfill generates electricity for the Awapuni Resource Recovery Centre and the nearby Wastewater Treatment Plant. Electricity is also generated from sludge digesters at the wastewater treatment plant. This uses a biological process to create methane gas from sewage sludge. This gas is then fed into the gas generator to produce more electricity. It has been claimed that over 75% of Palmerston North City Council's electricity can be generated from waste products in this way.

Awapuni Landfill closed in 2004.

Configuration 1 X 1 MW TBG620 engine CHP
Operation: 2006
Fuel: landfill gas
E/G supplier: Deutz
EPC: Energen Solutions

Quick facts: The City Council uses the bulk of the electricity output from this plant to power the Totara Road Wastewater Treatment Plant. $1.2mn of funding was supplied from the Austrian Government, which paid the City Council to reduce greenhouse gas emission from the landfill under its Kyoto Protocol agreement. Dificulties have since arisen (see web-links).

Facility type: 
Municipal solid waste
Technology type: 
Landfill Gas Collection
Municipal Waste
Primary Output: 
Tip Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Central North Island
Geo Location: