Burwood Landfill Gas Utilisation Project (Christchurch)

Burwood Landfill Gas Utilisation Project (Power Generation of under 1 MW) (Gas output of 4MW))
Description of facility: 

The Burwood Landfill Gas Utilisation Project (aka the Burwood Landfill Gas to QEII) Park Project was a Track 1 Joint Implementation Project (JI) under the Kyoto Protocol and an approved wemission reduction project under the NZ Government's Ministry for the Environment "Projects to reduce EMissions" (PRE) programme. Gas extracted from the landfill was originally used to replace LPG used in boilers to heat swimming pools at the QEII Leisure Park and flared at the Burwood Landfill Gas Treatment Plant. It was this use and destruction of landfill gas from which ERU's for the Burwood Landfill Gas Utilisation Project were generated. Following earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011 the QEII facilities were damaged. Since February 2011 no landfill gas has been used at the facility.

Burwood Landfill closed in 2005 but was reopened following the Sept 2010 Christchurch earthquake. It now accepts inert earthquake waste (residual demolition waste, liquefaction silt and infrastructure waste) and its expected to do so until 2017 (see additional web-links).

Facility type: 
Swimming Pool
Technology type: 
Landfill Gas Collection
Municipal Waste
Primary Output: 
Bottlelake Forest, Christchurch, New Zealand
Central South Island
Geo Location: