Extraction & Utilisation of Landfill Gas in the Philippines

Funded by NZAID, AECOM introduced landfill gas extraction and utilization to the Philippines. This six year project was a capacity building program with the Philippine National Oil Company and included technical and management knowledge transfer.
Description of facility: 

The work included extensive consultation with, and participation of, stakeholder organisations such as local and central government agencies as well as research institutes.

Three landfills near Manila were tested, which included the drilling of wells, the construction of extraction systems as well as the short and long-term evaluation of flow rates and gas reserves.

The work resulted in a review of the theory of landfill gas generation, which was previously based on experience from countries with colder climates. The different conditions in the tropical Philippines required a more flexible management of the landfill and of the gas extraction system.

The work included market and economic analysis as well as social and environmental impact assessments. Equipment was procured from overseas, while construction work was carried out by local contractors.

One of the landfills was equipped with a 100 kW demonstration generator and the energy was utilised in an island grid for lighting and machinery used on the landfill. The work included advice on carbon credits and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Facility type: 
Municipal solid waste
Technology type: 
Landfill Gas Collection
Municipal Waste
Primary Output: 
Merritt Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Other - Overseas
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